The Swamp Update


Waste of Scars Torment was annoyingly catchy. The main riff sounded alright with some blast beats, but the rest of the song was pretty predictable and the chorus sucked. though the riffing and drumming throughout the songs is generally of a high quality the way these songs are delivered robs them of their power. The songs feel slovenly and sluggish despite their implied aggression, and for all the blasting drums and fast riffing the performances feel lifeless. was significantly attracted to its dark and evil musicianship that I thought to be scary at times. Well, being a kid who could hardly speak any English, the only thing I could make out was the otherworldly violent songs. It was not until secondary school that we began to understand what most metal bands were signing about a different speed and they don’t seem to lose any sense of brutality despite shifting down the gear.